Glow giving products have had a bad rap! Yet it took a whole decade to finally admit that streaky orange hues were not attractive. The key is to look sun kissed …like one has slept under shaded palms rather than baked under burning skies.

Bronzing beautifully need not be difficult, you need a good product, a few key pointers and good beauty kit! Check below.

3 is the magic number! Apply bronzer in a 3 shape, across the forehead, around to the cheekbone and down the jaw line. Don’t think about layering the product, but lightly dusting the skin. Also highlight the areas where the sun naturally hits the skin, for example on the nose. Apply with a large soft brush.

To avoid a glittery glare, often sported by the TOWIE cast, ensure you apply make up in a good light. Invest in a SPOTLITE HD which is an ultra bright illuminated makeup mirror. It is a natural daylight LED makeup mirror which ensures you are looking your very best, time after time.

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