The Spotlite HD Collection

Save Face!

At times we have all had to deal with a “cakey canvas”! In the safety of the bathroom makeup mirror we were picture perfect, but the daylight tells a different story.

If you are easily seduced by silky formulas, your bathroom cabinet is likely to be filled with bottles claiming to offer a shortcut to beautiful skin! Yet without careful application, you will have a makeup mishap, faster than you can say Double Wear!

Adhering to a strict makeup manifesto is hard work, particularly as it is forever changing. However, if your Midas touch is a little too eager, opt for a toned down bronzer shade which will prevent overload, remember that less is more when it comes to the eyebrows and leave tide lines firmly on the beach where they belong.

Admittedly, J.O.I are prone to being a little loose lipped when it comes to beauty secrets. For example, did you know that foundation should match the inside of your arm and not the back of the hand? Or that you should change your shade with the season? All good advice, but if there is one secret you should know, it is SPOTLITE HD – the lighted makeup mirror of makeup artists!

Demand more from your illuminated makeup mirror with SPOTLITE HD. SPOTLITE HD is an LED illuminated makeup mirror which recreates natural daylight, offering a natural reflection so your face always looks flawless.

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